1 in 5 runners never make it to the start line of their event, that’s why we created Mbition - a personalised training platform that increases the chances of you achieving your running goal. Currently 94.5% of our users achieve their target!


The Mbition platform covers 3 distinct areas, giving you everything you need from an online coach to help you to achieve your goal.

1) 100% PERSONALIZED PLAN - build around your fitness, goal & schedule​


2) ADAPTS TO YOUR PROGRESS - weekly ‘check-ins’ where we suggest adaptations to your plan, based on your progress.

3) SUPPORTIVE & MOTIVATIONAL - a user journey that offers variety, feedback and direction to keep you motivated as you train.
We’ve spent 2 years creating and refining the product to bring you the most effective training plan on the market. We have a very simple interface but there is a lot going on behind the scenes.



This is our proprietary system that creates your plan and prioritises sessions based on your unique criteria and availability to train. We currently have 3 types of plans that work in unison;


1) Running 
2) parkrun 
3) Strength & conditioning
When you create your plan, the information that you provide on your fitness level, goal and training ability, enable us to project your vDOT values throughout your plan. vDOT is an industry standard measure of your fitness level invented by Jack Daniels (no, not that one)!
Using our own proprietary rules based planning system, overlaid with hundreds of algorithms, your vDOT affects units we call ‘fragments’ - these are the individual components that make up each part of a run session.

So for example in a speed session, each individual interval and recovery step is classified as a fragment and tailored to your constantly changing vDOT value. Making every session in your plan unique to you and your progress - no two plans are ever the same! 

Most people will fall behind in their plan at some point - work, kids, illness or holidays can all get in the way of consistent training. This is where ACE comes in - as you log your sessions, no matter what you throw at it, ACE will analyze your progress and suggest adaptations on a weekly basis. This means no matter where you are in your plan, you’ll always have expert advice on hand to guide you forward, safely.

ACE reacts to the following session data;
1) Pacing
2) Training load
3) Session count
4) Session duration

Under each category, ACE triggers either a MINOR or MAJOR adaptation. A MINOR adaptation might mean changes to pace, intervals or session duration. A MAJOR adaptation might be a change in session count or even target time.
ACE is triggered each week after you’ve marked all your sessions off - you’ll see a message appear above your plan. You then either accept the changes or park them - but make sure you dismiss the message, so the next one can appear the following week.
All ACE adaptations have upper and lower limits to them so you don’t suddenly go off track. However if you are running much faster or slower than the plan suggest, please talk to our coaching team by signing-in and hitting the blue intercom button as it may be your plan is not at the right level for you.


Happy running and we hope you love Mbition!


The team

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