north v south 

10 mile virtual run race 

It's time to decide who are the most dedicated, determined runners in the land - ones from the SOUTH or the NORTH.


Get training now to earn crucial points for your team score. 


Event weekend is 23/24 Sept, but you can run your final 10 Miles anytime, anywhere even if you’re on holiday!

You've just got to decide which team to run for!

the challenge
It doesn't matter how fast you run, this challenge isn't about speed - it's about putting in the training and having the grit and determination to make your team the winner.

Each week we'll update the scoreboard based on the number of runners in each team, training sessions/miles logged and how on-track each team is with their training. Commitment is king!
when & where
Your training will lead you to run the virtual race anywhere, anytime over the weekend Sept 23-24.
Run it on your own or grab some friends to build your team!
it's free!
The event is free to enter and all runners get an amazing FREE Mbition adaptive training plan.
This will prepare you for your challenge and also allow you to log your runs which feed into our live scoreboard.
Once entered, hit the Strava button to connect your free account and also synch with your favourite hardware including Garmin, Fitbit, Apple, Polar, LG and Samsung.
Sign-up below for FREE - create your training plan and enter the event. There's everything to play for, so get training now!

choose your team & enter!


Mbition is the game changing Adaptive Training Plan that gives runners the best chance of reaching their event goal.

Mbition creates a personal plan built around your fitness, goal and schedule. It then flexes and uniquely adapts each week as you progress.

Mbition is FREE for anyone training for the Mizuno North V South Virtual race. 


Mbition is unique because it adapts weekly to your progress. It's like having a personal coach and increases your chances of success. More > 

Our plans are personal and 100% built around your fitness, training availability and goal. It's super flexible - making fixed template plans a thing of the past. More >


Our plans are personal and 100% built around your fitness, training availability and goal. It's super flexible - making fixed template plans a thing of the past. More >

Sessions designed to make you fitter, faster

We've designed thousands of sessions to keep you engaged and motivated. Each session is paced and structured specifically for you. More >

Always on hand with expert advice

Our coaching team are on hand to answer your training questions via our In-App chat icon.


Simply hit the Intercom button and ask away!

Free for your event, then low monthly pricing

Mbition is FREE for the Mizuno NvS event so you get to experience the benefits of a personal & adaptive training plan. If you want to sign-up it's just £3 a month/£25 a year.


'It's a great tool, very easy to use, the sessions are always different and it keeps me motivated'

Nathalie, training for Resolution Run Montreal

' Impressed how the app can be adapted around my schedule. The final result was a PB of 3:22:46! '
Iain, training for London Marathon

'Since starting using Mbition. I smashed by 10km PB in training and my Half Marathon PB in Lausanne. The sessions make me a faster runner!'

Jean-Marie, training for Lausanne Half

' Mbition has really helped to bring my times down and motivating me to do faster speed sessions than I'd done before '
Suzy training for Kingston Half Marathon
' I’m really happy to have found this site - just what I was looking for. Great system, thanks! '
Chris, training for the Hong Kong Marathon

'Mbition helped me smash my PB at the Santiago Marathon when I came in at 2.51:54 not in my wildest dreams did I expect to run that time!'

Niall, training for Santiago Marathon

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