It's tough out there. Injuries, kids, holidays, weather, all get in the way of training and an amazing 1 in 5 runners never make it to race day.


We've been there, so we created Mbition, the ADAPTIVE Training Platform that focuses 100% on getting you to the start line - prepared, motivated and ready to have an amazing race day.


We felt it was time to create a platform for runners of mass participation events that increased the odds of reaching your personal goal, raising your target for your favourite charity, and getting those 'Hi Fives' from your envious colleagues as you walk into the office the next morning.

We've built Mbition for runners of all abilities, not just the elite; the ones with dreams born out of bets after a few glases of vino, fund raising or to beat the middle aged belly. Runners come from all walks of life, all all sizes, shapes and everyone has their own motivation for getting out there.


Mbition is perfect for any runner who just wants to reach their goal.

Our story so far....


December 2013, Bristol UK. The idea for a new training platform for runners was conceived by runner, triathlete and sports marketing man, Shaun Lancaster.


The starting point was to find a better way to support the masses of runners to get to the start line, our initial research showing that runners regularly fell off their training plans and struggled to know how to get back on track. This was contributing to 1 in 5 runners not making it to the start line and reaching their goal.


The idea to use the latest tech to create an adaptive system was scoped and an experienced coaching team was formed with multi award winning Andy Bullock and Russ Cox a coach and performance data specialist.


The idea was pitched to Webstart Bristol, a tech incubator who spotted the potential to make positive change in the growing mass particiation sports market. They invested in the business and backed the team to scec the product and create the first brand 'InYourStride'. 


After 6 months, VC funding was in place and first version of 'InYourStride' was created. This was a huge leap forward, proving that the concept of flexible and fully adaptable training plans was a reality.


This initial market test on iOS only, supported 1200 runners through their training and helped shape the features the second generation platform, Mbition, needed to provide.

Mbition has taken 2 years to create, such is the complexities of a bespoke, flexible and adaptive system with so many variables. We hope Mbition helps you realise your goals, dreams and helps you smile all the way to the line!

About the team


The team is a talented, eclectic and well formed bunch of product  development, marketing, coaching, business and tech folk. We ALL love running, triathlon and many other sports. Verity and Rob can row, Shaun surfs and if creating genius algorithms were an Olympic sport, Russ would probably win a gold.


Here's the line up:


Shaun Lancaster - CEO/Founder
Sports marketing expert, brand specialist, ex retail chain owner, lover of tech, triathlete, muddy runner, surfer


Verity Halliday - COO
Running specialist, business development diva, owner of superb running technique - her specialism


Andy Bullock - World Class Running and Triathlon Coach
Awesome multi-award winning coach currently working with future elite triathletes and paratriathletes for British Triathlon.


Russ Cox - World Class Running and Triathlon Coach
Data specialist coach with a left field brain for combining complex algorithms with practical sports coaching theory


Clinton Everard - Financial Director
An experienced corporate financial expert with a love of running. 


Rob Clark - Non exec Director

Tech entrepreneur, sales/marketing heavyweight, ex speech writer, lover of long mountainous run races


Mike Jackson - Director/investor
A serial entrepreneur and founder of WebStart Bristol, the tech incubator who first spotted Mbition's potential.


Mike Dixon – Consultant CTO/investor
Mike has years of experience in development, as the founder of ComputerMinds he specialises in delivering enterprise level CMS solutions.

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