TRAINING GUIDE - quick start

1) ACCESSING MBITION can be done via your desktop or mobile browser. We've built it as a web app for full accessibility on all devices.


For fast mobile access, add an app icon to your home screen icon with this guide.

2) SETTING UP YOUR PLAN starts with finding your event. We have 15,000 events in our database, but if you can't find your race let us know via email or the blue support button, and we'll add it.


You can also choose 'Set your own goal' for personal challenges.


Next you select your fitness level and training availability. You'll be guided to a realistic target time and within 2 minutes, pronto... a 100% custom plan!

3) PLAN VIEW is your timeline which contains all your training sessions counting down to race day.


Click the 'weeks to event' caterpillar on the left to shuttle up and down your plan.

To move a session:

> Highlight the left hand part of the session-block  you want to move by selecting the arrows on the left. 

> Hold and drag the session-block over to a different day (in the same week) until you see the dotted lines appear. 

> You can now drop it on the green highlighted AM or PM session slot.

4) SESSION VIEW contains the details of each session and the timing for warm-up, main session and cool down.


Warm-ups and cool downs vary in duration and content depending on session type and your plan.


If you are using your GPS device to track your sessions, you should only log the main session.


For more info on training sessions, please use our training guide

5) MARKING OFF SESSIONS can be done by clicking 'log session' from within the session view.


You can either click 'missed', 'complete without details' if you run without GPS, or you can sync your GPS device so it updates automatically.


We currently integrate with Strava - we'll be adding further integration with GPS watches and apps soon.

6) TRAINING SETTINGS can be found in the top menu.


At any point during your plan you can change between miles/KM, training days, special sessions, target time or workout reminders.


Changes to sessions take place from the start of the next week, all other changes are instant.

7) ADAPTIVE COACH MESSAGES (ACE) appear at the top of your screen each week to guide you keep you on track with your plan. They only appear once you have marked off each session in your current week.


You'll receive simple feedback on your progress along with any suggestions of adaptations we want to make to your plan.


Small adaptations normally mean changes to your pacing or training volume. Major changes might include a change to your target time or number of sessions.


Once you've read each message, hit 'OK' or the 'x' to dismiss it.

8) IF YOU NEED HELP just hit the blue '?' icon on any page.


This enables you to send a message to our coaching team anytime. 


You can see which of our team members have been online most recently and how long we are currently taking to answer queries.


Don't hesitate to message us!

Don't forget to also visit our essential training guide to get the most from your plan.

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