TESTIMONIALS - what our users are saying!

Since we established the Mbition concept, our key objective was to provide better support for the everyday runner, in overcoming the challenges in training for an event, and achieving their personal goal.

The great news is we've started to see the testimonials come in from our users that are finding Mbition is making a real difference to them.

“ Just got my first ever sub 20 min 5k - 19:36! Thanks Mbition :) Mbition has really helped to bring my times down, particularly the tough threshold sessions and motivating me to do faster speed sessions than I'd done before ”

“ Mbition suggested I could do 3:20, I was unsure as my previous PB for London was 3:45 in 2001 I was impressed on how the app sets clear plans out, which can be adapted around my busy schedule , it's super easy to use The final result was a PB of 3:22:46! ”

" Really impressed with the principle and he workings of the plans. A lot of the training plans don't allow you to move things around so easily or swap days etc. so it's a great interface.... And the training plans look really good!

It's really awesome - so well done u guys "

"In general, I've been really impressed with the Mbition plan. I've enjoyed using it, I think it's excellent value and I've definitely become faster and fitter since using it, so can't really ask for much more"

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