KEY GAINS - getting training intensity right

Training at the right intensity is one of the most fundamental and important variables in the training to build your aerobic fitness and muscular endurance. That’s why Mbition sessions include a guide pace which is custom to you, and has an intensity rating which is out of 5.

CHALLENGE YOUR BODY Intensity is simply how hard you’re running relative to how hard you’re capable of running.

To make any physiological improvements you have to challenge your body so it adapts to the stresses placed on it. After the immediate fatigue, the body responds by adapting during recovery so that it can cope with a larger training load next time.

Mbition plans use varying training intensities tailored to your event goal, so your body becomes accustomed to running at higher intensities - and you become fitter as your body adapts.

VARIATION IS KEY It’s not all about working hard. Varying the intensity you’re training at will cause different physiological adaptations, so that’s why Mbition incorporates low, medium and high intensity sessions into your plan.

A trap many runners fall into is running at a moderate pace for the majority of their training.

Mbition’s long run sessions are specifically designed to be at a low intensity so you’ll find the pace easy. The reason for this is to train the body to work for a longer period of time so you can run the distance on race day, but to significantly reduce the stress placed on the body.

This way you recover quicker, you reduce the chance or injury and you can push yourself harder in the speed, hill and tempo sessions when working hard counts.

Read more on our approach to coaching HERE >

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