Kick start your training for The Grand Brighton Half Marathon

With 20 weeks to go until The Grand Brighton Half Marathon, it's time to start training and build your base fitness.

Whether you’re a regular runner or a beginner, building a strong running foundation early on will help ready your body for the more intense running to come, whilst also increasing the overall effectiveness of your entire training cycle.

However this doesn’t mean doing lots of low intensity steady runs when you feel like it. Although this may develop your aerobic potential, following a structured and varied plan early on will help you to perform at your best on race day.

Where to start

Your training week should ideally be made up of steady state running to improve your aerobic threshold, one long run to help build your aerobic endurance and faster paced interval sessions to work on speed and power. It’s important to gradually introduce speed into a training schedule so your body is ready for more intensive pace sessions later on in your plan and also to help reduce injury.

Don’t worry about your pace for the first few weeks, try to run by feel. Putting the focus on training effort rather than the pace you’re running at will help you to run more intuitively and in tune with how your body actually feels. The first few weeks can be the toughest as you get into the routine of training, so focus on getting out there and enjoying your running rather than being held back by your GPS watch or overdoing it too early.

Running fitness doesn’t just mean running!

Doing strength & conditioning exercises (S&C) along with cross training is a great way to build up muscle strength, improve your aerobic fitness and minimise your injury risk by improving mobility and activating the specific muscle groups you need for efficient running.

Also strength training plays an important role in improving all the vital elements of running at a faster speed: anaerobic fitness, neuromuscular efficiency, running economy, and power. So doing a couple of short S&C sessions per week will give you a massive boost on race day.

If you need a plan to kick start your training, try an Adaptive Training plan from Mbition.

Just click the ‘Start FREE Trial’ to set-up your plan today.

Good luck with your training!

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