Why being 'on track' doesn't have to mean 100%

Mbition’s % On Track rating is to there to help you easily understand how you are progressing against your plan as it indicates how many sessions you have missed. But don’t beat yourself up if you're not close to 100%.

Consistent training is important, but so is knowing when you’re better off missing a session or two because you’re fighting off illness, having a really busy week, maybe you have a slight muscles strain or you’re going on holiday.

The rules of successful training

To know how to manage missed sessions it’s important to understand how your training plan is constructed.

Mbition training plans are made up of specific workouts that build upon one another using the basic training principles of overload, progression, adaptation and rest.

> Overload - putting your body under greater than normal physical stress or load as a stimulus for eliciting a training response. This means lengthening runs for endurance, faster runs for speed, and hill runs to develop strength.

> Progression - all training overload should be gradual with incremental increases in workload, including rest and recovery.

> Adaptation - occurs as the body adjusts to both increased or decreased physical demands or loads.

> Rest - giving the body time to recover from a workout and time for adaptation to occur from the physical stresses being placed upon it. The rest period and adaptation process are both part of what makes you fitter, faster or stronger and able to meet the demands of the next workout.

How best to manage missed sessions

Based on the principles above, it’s important to do your sessions in sequence so you get the most benefit. However at Mbition we know life can get in the way of training and it’s inevitable that you are going to miss some sessions.

Here’s our top tips on what to do if you can’t train:

> 1 or 2 sessions missed - don’t sweat, either move the workout to the next day, but keep the same number of specified recovery days between that workout and the next one.

Pushing workouts too close together increases your risk of injury, so if you can’t fit the session in with the recovery days just mark the session as ‘missed’ and move on to the next one.

If you can only fit 1 session in during the week then please do the Long Run as this is the most important session in your week.

> 1-2 weeks missed - don’t be tempted to play catch up, just mark the sessions in your plan as ‘missed’ and continue with your plan.

Mbition will reduce the length of your core sessions such as the Long run for a week or two so you build up your mileage gradually ensuring you don’t overload the body too much.

> 3+ weeks missed - if you have to take a longer break from training, please message our coaching team via online chat when you are able to run again so they can review your plan. Depending on how far out you are from race day and your plan length, it may be more appropriate to set up a new plan.

Plan ahead

It's important that running and fitness goals are in sync with real life too. So when life gets hectic, it helps to plan ahead. Look at your upcoming week and adjust the number of training days in your training settings accordingly - that way Mbition will give you the most crucial sessions for the time you have available so you get the most training benefits.

*Any changes to your Mbition training settings take effect from the following week.

Don’t beat yourself up

When you don’t achieve all your training it can play on your mind and you might start to think that the end goal isn’t achievable. It’s absolutely ok to miss sessions when you need to so don’t worry and just move on to the next session. If you are ever in doubt, talk to one of our expert coaches via online chat.

Mbition will keep you on track

To sum up, it’s fine to miss a few sessions as Mbition will adjust your plan to keep you on track. So if your On Track rating isn’t 100% please be reassured that every session you do is optimized to help you reach your end goal.

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