Essential guide to saving money on womens running kit

You know what they say, ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. You’ve already decided to take up the Mbition challenge and start your personalised running plan, so why not ensure you’re wearing the right gear to succeed? Admittedly, it can be an expensive investment, especially for runners just starting out. Not prepared to part with big wads of cash? With the My Favourite Voucher Codes guide, you can get everything you need and save up to £89, and that includes buying your trainers, too!

Tops & Sports Bras

What should you look for in the tops you choose to go running in? It’s very easy to just throw on a cotton, baggy T-Shirt and be done with it, and if that works for you then great. However, there are some things you should bear in mind in order to remain comfortable and maintain a good body temperature when running.

• Opt for tops made for running, which are designed to wick away sweat, rather than absorbing it and making clothes heavier to carry.
 • Buy vests and low-cut sleeves under your armpits to reduce chafing, offering ventilation to keep cool.
 • Racer back vests are great, offering support across your chest and the flexibility to move your arms.

For professional running tops, you can pay up to £42 for the likes of Under Armour. Look in places like New Look with basic ranges and fun racer back vests for as little as £7.99 or £12.99 when shopping their sportswear range, saving you an outgoing of up to £34.

You should invest in a good sports bra. High impact sports can have detrimental effects on the tissue of women’s breasts if not properly supported, so don’t forgo quality when making your purchase. • Larger chested women should opt for sports bras with thick straps for optimal support. 
 • Encapsulation style sports bras, which have individual cups are good for bigger chest sizes.
 • Compression sports bras are great for smaller busts.
 • Remember to get measured for your sports bras by professionals to ensure you have the right fit, just like regular bras.

When it comes to what bottoms you wear, it all comes down to personal preference and the weather. With leggings, you can get anything from full leg to capri, which cuts off mid-shin, or ones that come above the knee. • On colder runs it’s important to wrap up warm, so a full-leg layer is a must. 
 • Full legs are also a good idea for protecting against those muddier routes. 
 • Find the perfect fit to ensure flexibility as you move. 
 • You don’t want leggings to be too tight or too loose; don’t keep having to pull the waistband up as you run, nor cut off your circulation. 
 • Try and test them out before you commit to the purchase. 
 • Buy ones that offer pockets for those few essential items you may want to run with like keys and your phone. 

As long as you ensure the perfect fit, you can shop anywhere for your running leggings. Shop branded sportswear at places like TK Maxx where it is heavily discounted, saving up to £15 on leggings, or hit those always reliable supermarkets. Asda offers jogging bottoms for as little as £8.

Running Trainers

Footwear can be the most expensive aspect when investing in running gear. But, if you invest in nothing else, it should be the trainers you buy. The type of running trainers you buy depends on the kind of places you’ll be running. • Road trainers are great for absorbing the impact on your feet and legs running on pavements.
 • Offroad trainers are ideal for those cross-country routes, offering support to your ankle as you get stuck into muddy puddles. 
 • You can also find hybrids of the two to ensure you’re getting the benefits of both. 

When it comes to bringing down the price, you should shop online but still enquire in store. Use voucher code websites like My Favourite Voucher Codes and find out the latest deals at retailers like Sports Direct, who always have incredible flash sales of up to 80% off. Go to somewhere like Asics or your local running store beforehand and you can not only be measured, but also answer questions on what you want out of your trainers.

You can then take this knowledge and apply it to what shoes you buy online, with a bigger selection of styles, brands and sizes, as well as those low prices. From Sports Direct, find not only Asics, but big sportswear brands like Nike where you can get reductions of up to £40 off trainers.


And what about those other all-important essentials? • Wrap up warm and take layers with you like hats and gloves in the winter. 
 • Hats are also great to have when running in warmer periods, keeping hair off your face and neck with a cap.
 • Hats keep you cool by absorbing your sweat and protecting you from the sun. 
 • Headbands are also great for keeping hair off the face. 
 • Running in the dark, hi-vis clothing is a must – get jackets, leggings and bands for around your wrists and ankles to remain visible whilst running at night time. 
 • Buy specific running socks with breathable qualities and giving you support where you need it most.

It’s not hard to see how buying running gear can rack up a pretty hefty total. But by being conscious of not always buying into big name brands and discovering the best retailers with the even better sales, you can pick up some incredible bargains.

Also reap the benefits of expert knowledge without paying out for the hefty price tag. Managing to save you a total of up to £89, check out My Favourite Voucher Codes’ advice to save money off your kit.

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