Thank you, I'm really enjoying this plan, I haven't used anything other than a printed off thing before. This is so so much better. I'll never go back!

Hannah training for Richmond RunFest

Hello! I love your application! It's a great tool, very easy to use, the trainings are always different and it keeps me motivated.

Nathalie, training for Resolution Run Montreal


Absolutely love Mbition. Such a great programme. Being told what pace i need to run at has made a massive difference! Finally progress! Have been running way too fast and burnt out straight away with other programmes as i am so unfit. Today i ran 55mins (on holiday too!! That’s a first!) , can’t believe i did it it haha!

Svenja training for Mizuno North V South virtual event

Since starting using the app. I smashed by 10km PB (42mn30) in training and my Half Marathon PB (1h36mn with negative split) in Lausanne last Sunday. The sessions make me a faster runner (with shin splints pain reduced) while only running 2 times a week!

Jean-Marie, training for Lausanne Half Marathon

Mbition helped me smash my PB at the Santiago Marathon yesterday when I came in at 2.51:54 not in my wildest dreams did I expect to run that time!

Niall, training for Santiago Marathon


My 5k, half marathon and now 10k PBs have all been broken whilst training with Mbition for Frankfurt

Matt training for Frankfurt Marathon

Smashed it in 1:44! I found the training plan useful - especially because it started where I was at rather than assuming either a couch start or some other level. I found I ran most of the sessions slightly faster than the plan suggested and it did not appear to use this up up the intensity of the training which is what I expected.
Mike training for Cheltenham Half Marathon

I beat my own personal goal of 3h 45m, with a time of 3h 39m, and Mbition is definitely one of the reasons for this!
Astrid B training for Berlin Marathon

Mbition has been really helpful in providing good varied training that has helped me improve my distance and speed and helped me achieve my goal on what I am assured is quite a tough half marathon course.
Nicholas B training for Windsor Half Marathon

My goal was to finish in 4:30:00, using mbition for the last 1.5 months of training helped me finish in 3:59:30.
Robert Y training for Honolulu Marathon

Mbition is really easy to use. I like that it works with Strava.
Danielle training for Honolulu Marathon


I was nervous about the low mileage, but it ended up working perfectly. The first marathon I trained for using a different program had higher mileage, and I ended up with a stress fracture from overtraining.
Careyanne N training for Honolulu Marathon


Mbition was great. I need to get better at following the schedule. :-/ that being said though, I still managed to come in at goal

Tamara H training for Healdsburg Turkey Trot


I ran it in 57:23 which was just under 6 mins faster than the prediction :)
Kate A training for Brighton 10k


Quality of the plan proven by time achieved and the fact that the plan was interesting to follow.
Simon H training for the Yorkshire Marathon


Love the product and it was really helpful in my training. I like the ability to customise the plan each week and move sessions around. Initially I thought the target race time was far too ambitious but after completing the plan together with my gym sessions I even surpassed it (half marathon time 1:31), very happy about that.
James M training for Royal Parks Half Marathon


Love the flexibility and different range of sessions whilst not being overly complicated
Sally P training for Cheltenham Half Marathon


I liked the clear and achievable breakdown of the sessions required which were not onerous in time to achieve my goal
Jo R training for Richmond Runfest Half


My plan was to finish the half marathon, the training guide helped me to achieve this - and I was able to run the whole way which I did not expect

Overall, mbition was a great training guide and I would definitely use again.
Claire training for Richmond Runfest Half

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