'We're so confident you’ll achieve your race goal that we’ll give you a free 12 month subscription and a coaching analysis if you don't'
Our money where our mouth is


An Mbition adaptive plan is built 100% around your fitness, training availability and goal. Every detail within the plan has been built to allow us to adapt the plan as you progress; from the number of sessions, pacing and volume of training, down to the number of interval repetitions.

​We believe our platform offers you the best possible chance of you reaching your race goal. So we decided to put our money where our mouth is, and offer you a solid guarantee.

The deal….


All we ask is that you follow the majority of your plan and track your progress.

1)  You must be 85% on track with ‘training time vs plan’ and ‘Pace vs plan’.

2) You must log each session you complete using a GPS device and enter or sync the details in Mbition.

3)  You need to log your race time in Mbition from the official event timing.

If you've followed your plan and not hit your race goal, please message us on In-App chat and we'll look at your plan, progress and final result.

Don’t forget we're always on hand via In-App chat to give you support when you need it. Happy Running!

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