To give you the best chance of achieving your running goals, you need a plan that is specific to your fitness levels and event goal, that works around your busy schedule and is made up of high quality sessions.


That’s why you won’t find any empty miles in our plans, each session has a specific purpose that fits within your overall personal training plan that is 100% built around you.


Our tried and tested approach is the result of years of hard work, hundreds of hours of coaching experience from our team and listening to runners from all walks of life.


Here’s what makes up your Mbition plan: 


QUALITY OVER QUANTITY > The long run is the foundation to most running plans as it builds your aerobic fitness and muscular endurance, ensuring you can run the distance on race day. 

However our plans promote lower mileage than traditional running plans, focusing on high intensity sessions such as tempo, hill & speed workouts, that bolster the long run. The reason for this is because these sessions will simulate the fatigue you’ll experience at the end of the race, but significantly reduces your risk of injury from the repetitive stress you place on your body during long distance runs.


VARIED SESSIONS > There are 7 different session types and thousands of unique sessions that make up each personal plan. Each session has a specific objective and is designed to improve your fitness level and prepare you for your event.

Even our long runs incorporate features like 'strides' or 'pick-ups' to keep your training interesting, improve your fitness and to prevent you becoming a one speed runner. 


SMART PACING > Each session has a guide pace tailored to you. The emphasis with our sessions is to take it steady on the long runs and to really push yourself on the hill, speed and tempo workouts to stimulate a physiological response so you continue to make fitness gains throughout your plan.

A common mistake that some runners make is to run too fast on their long runs. Running at too great  intensity will impact on the gains you can make from your high intensity sessions, as the body will not be fully recovered.

HOLISTIC CONDITIONING > Mbition training plans integrate Strength & Conditioning to improve mobility, flexibility, stability, muscle activation and strength, to reduce injury risk and improve performance. The sessions are specifically designed for runners and progress in-line with your running plan. Anyone can do our strength and conditioning session - all you need is 20-30 minutes and some floor space.



Each week we see Mbition runners beat their previous best times, or get to the finish line of a distance they’ve never conquered before. Here are some of the wonderful comments we’ve received:

“ Just got my first ever sub 20 min 5k - 19:36! Thanks Mbition :) Mbition has really helped to bring my times down and motivating me to do faster speed sessions than I'd done before ”

Suzy, training for Kingston Half Marathon


“I’m really happy to have found this site - just what I was looking for. Great system!! Thanks “

Chris, training for the Hong Kong Marathon


“ I was impressed on how the app can be adapted around my busy schedule. The final result was a PB of 3:22:46! ”

Iain, training for London Marathon


" Really impressed with the workings of the plans. It's really awesome - so well done u guys "

Abi, training for Truro Half Marathon


Hello! I love your application! It's a great tool, very easy to use, the trainings are always different and it keeps me motivated.

Nathalie, training for Resolution Run Montreal


Since starting using the app. I smashed by 10km PB (42mn30) in training and my Half Marathon PB (1h36mn with negative split) in Lausanne last Sunday. The sessions make me a faster runner (with shin splints pain reduced) while only running 2 times a week!

Jean-Marie, training for Lausanne Half Marathon


Mbition helped me smash my PB at the Santiago Marathon yesterday when I came in at 2.51:54 not in my wildest dreams did I expect to run that time!

Niall, training for Santiago Marathon


And thank you, I'm really enjoying this plan, I haven't used anything other than a printed off thing before. This is so so much better. I'll never go back!

Hannah training for Richmond RunFest

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